Personal design of forms
This plugin replaces the standard selection fields with forms of your own design.

With the help of this simple plugin, you can change the standard “select” dropdown form to a form with your own design.

The plugin allows you to change the color of the following form elements:

  • Background color;
  • Border color;
  • Text color;
  • The background color of the active menu item;
  • Text color when hovering;
  • Background color when hovering

You can also change the size of the border of the form and specify the indentation of the text of the items of the drop-down form.
The plugin allows you to assign classes to the drop-down form, so that later you can customize the design using css styles.
Also, the plugin has an editor that you can use to write your own css-styles for the drop-down form.

Future versions of the plugin will add design control for all form elements.
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