This section presents some of the studio's work on graphic design.
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When starting a project, we thoroughly prepare for the development of its design.

We try to foresee all the nuances that we have to deal with in the development of graphic design, we analyze the conditions, experience, trends and knowledge. We are always looking for original solutions that are useful to our customers and interesting to us. If you are ready for joint creativity, for new steps in the development of your company, we invite you!

Graphic design is the basis on which the activity of our studio is based.
The direction of graphic design is the main one today.

Design studio «SOLASS» has its own studio base with experienced professional graphic designers and creative workers, allowing to implement diverse projects in all areas of graphic design.

Graphic design of printing products

Printing products are not just paper with an image printed on it. Today, printed products are used in everyday life in all spheres of human activity. So let your leaflet “live” longer than the flight time from the table to the wastebasket.

Packaging and label design

“Meet by clothes, but see off by mind” – this rule, like no other, expresses the principle of bringing any product to the market. Our graphic design creates a look that attracts attention, stands out from a number of other TMs, inspires confidence, makes you want to try…

Graphic Design of E-presentation

More and more in the modern world, electronic presentations, catalogs and business cards are used. Such products have more opportunities in comparison with printed ones, they can be easily and quickly sent to partners, easily replicated, changed and supplemented with new products.

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