This section presents some projects of the design studio for the development of advertising concepts.
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We lay success in the external image of the brand!

The main activity of our design studio in the field of advertising is intellectual development. Not many undertake to develop the basics of advertising campaigns and strategies in general, but we just belong to those few.

List of advertising services for the development of advertising campaigns:

  • development of advertising ideas;
  • development of advertising campaigns;
  • accompanying advertising campaigns
    (organizational issues, contacts with contractors and monitoring of implementation).
When developing an advertising campaign, we take into account the features and specifics of both the advertised object and the consumer and the means of influencing him.
There are also limitations on the possibilities of the client, who, for quite objective reasons, cannot spend much, but wants to achieve the effect of advertising. Finding the optimal solution, developing advertising campaigns, where and how to advertise and at the same time get a certain result is one of the tasks that our design and advertising studio helps to solve.
At the heart of everything is an idea!
A whole team of our specialists is working on the solution of the ideological part of the task set by the customer.
Our studio is engaged in the development of advertising concepts, their visualization and the preparation of materials for the manufacture of the developed elements of advertising campaigns.
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