Advertising concept development

for bag manufacturer «Derby»

The purpose of the advertising campaign: to increase brand awareness; creation of a positive image of TM “Derby”; demonstration of the breadth of the assortment; increase in the number of sales.

«Derby» is everything a person needs, a symbol of the lifestyle of the respective categories of consumers.
Concentrates this idea and the slogan of the advertising campaign - «Everything is yours with you!»

The advertised product in a series of promotional materials is presented in a collective way. Bags and backpacks of TM “Derby” seem to come to life and transform into the values ​​of their owners.

Each of the nine illustrations shows a particular type of product. The idea is that certain metamorphoses occur with each of the objects, making it possible to understand the purpose of the product and its features: a suitcase – a wardrobe, a travel bag – a barbecue, a women’s bag – a chest of drawers, a youth backpack – a mobile phone, a school backpack – a globe, a tourist backpack – a tent , youth bag – player, business briefcase – laptop.

Based on the advertising concept, a number of promotional materials were created

As part of the advertising campaign, a series of billboards, posters and magazine advertisements were developed, as well as advertising design for vehicles.

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