This section presents some of the design studio's work on creating logos and corporate identity.
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The logo is the most important element of a company’s corporate image. Logo creation (logo development) includes not only logo design, but also the creation of a list of rules for using this logo in advertising materials, business documentation, on the website, etc.

Logo development (logo design) is a very complex process and almost no company can do without the help of professionals. Creating logos requires creativity and special design thinking.

The corporate logo serves primarily to identify the company in the market.

The corporate identity (corporate style) and the logo appeared in order to distinguish the products of different companies within the same industry.

In the perception of the consumer, the presence of a logo or trademark is a guarantee of the quality of the product.

Logo and corporate identity, designed exclusively for your company, increases recognition, consumer appreciation and advertising effectiveness. This also enhances the reputation of the company. Our design studio specializes in graphic design, logo design and corporate identity development.

Logo design and development of the corporate identity of the company –
the main activities of the design studio «SOLASS»
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