Development of a logo and corporate identity

for the furniture factory «Barva»

The studio was faced with the task of rebranding the Barva furniture factory.
In the course of the work, the design of the renewed trademark was developed, business documentation was developed, as well as the rules for designing branded salons and advertising products of the furniture factory.

For TM, it is possible to lengthen the decorative elements of the letters V and A.
This technique is recommended for use on nameplates, signboards, as well as narrow planes with logo placement.

Design of business

During the development of the corporate identity of the furniture factory, we worked out the entire package of business documentation from business cards to letterheads and folders.

Development of branding rules for salons and promotional products

While developing the brand book of the updated Barva trademark, we worked out the rules and design of the design elements for the furniture factory’s corporate showrooms, and our studio also created a number of templates for the design of printed advertising products (posters, billboards, magazine advertising, etc.)

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