Rebranding of the network of salons «Portes» for the sale of doors and decor

The studio was faced with the task of rebranding for the “Portes” company, which included not only restyling, but also the development of a slogan name and a concept for promoting the updated enterprise.

Expansion of the range of services and the company's reaching a qualitatively new level

required a rebranding of the company

The company “Portes” has grown from an ordinary store selling doors and decor into a whole service that includes an interior design studio, a network of salons “Portes” – “everything for the interior”, as well as a repair and construction service.

Rebranding is not just a redesign!

To carry out rebranding, we study the novelties of the company.

In the course of work on the rebranding of the network of salons “Portes”, we developed the name “Laboratory of Prostoru” for the presentation of the company, which also became a corporate slogan. The developed phrase has replaced the name “salon” and will be the first words that the company’s client will hear.

Also, the name “Laboratoriya Prostoru” became a corporate background on corporate advertising products, and the writing style began to be used for writing other corporate phrases.

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