Водка коктейльная Холодный Яр для мобильного
Водка коктейльная Холодный Яр

Design for a bottle of vodka «Cocktail»

The producer of alcoholic beverages “Cold Yar” was offered the concept of highly purified vodka for use in cocktails.
This vodka was the first on the Ukrainian market, which was positioned as a profile vodka with priority use in composition with other drinks.

Bottle design reminiscent of a cocktail shot

The design was designed to be minimalistic but at the same time catchy and stand out well on the bar counter. The design was based on a gradient consisting of the main cocktail colors, which glow very brightly and juicy in the rays of light. The whole bottle in this design resembles a large glass with a cocktail shot.

Водка коктейльная Холодный Яр на столе
Водка коктейльная Холодный Яр на столе для мобильного
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