Website development at an affordable price!

The development of budget sites becomes even more attractive.

The low cost of the site and the operational terms of its development are achieved by creating a WEB site based on existing premium design templates. You get a perfectly functioning website of your company or firm in a short time, while significantly reducing the financial costs of development.

We really want to believe that our promotional offer will help your business to keep up in this difficult time for all of us, and perhaps it will allow you to open and develop new projects.

Cost of budget websites 
now also with 20% discount!

The direction of budget sites developed on the basis of premium templates for the WordPress system, our design studio created specifically to optimize the cost and timing of website development.
This direction of development of budget sites with low cost of work has become very popular among our clients.
At this difficult time for our country, we decided to hold a campaign to further reduce the cost of development. Now the development of all budget sites is covered by a 20% discount. At the same time, the quality of these sites and premium design templates, their functionality remain at the level of exclusive developments.

What are the benefits of budget websites based on premium templates?

  1. Low cost of web site development – $ 650 $ 800*
  2. The minimum time for creating a site is about 10 working days.
  3. The design of the site is adapted to all devices (monitor, tablet, smartphone).
  4. The WordPress administration system allows you to independently update information on the pages of the site.

Promotional value
site development
Старая цена: $800.


Terms of site creation about 10 working days.

* Работы для сложных по структуре, функционалу и требующих индивидуальных настроек сайтов просчитываются дополнительно.

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