of the information
of the Cherkassy city hall

Our studio designed and created the official portal of the city council of Cherkasy.
This portal has become the largest information resource in the Cherkasy region, and most importantly, useful and interesting for the residents of Cherkasy.

Main page of the Cherkasy portal

Cherkasy news page

Photo and video gallery page

In the course of work on the portal of Cherkasy, an individual mechanism for the administration and display of video and photo galleries was developed. The field in which the enlarged photo is displayed is transformed to the size of the user’s screen, and the photo in real size can be viewed if you have a small monitor.

Portal creation works
Work on the creation of the portal included not only design and programming

In the course of work on the information portal of the Cherkasy City Council, we not only engaged in the classic design of the site and its programming, but also made a photo session of the main sights of the city, drew more than 80 illustrations of icons and much more. others

Hover and move the mouse horizontally
and the sights of Cherkasy will change

In the header of the site there is a Flash-movie with the sights of the city. When you hover over the portal header, the “panorama” starts moving, and not only the architectural monuments of the city change, but the time of day (starting from dawn until late at night).

Sketches of proposed icons for portal sections

In the course of work on the portal of the city of Cherkasy, more than 80 icons were drawn. Each icon was previously approved by the studio’s art director. The approved options should have characterized the portal section in the best way, and were also made in the same style and would look seamless with each other.

The result of the work led to the creation of more than 80 icons

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